Windy ride over today not cold though which is always a bonus for Feb.

This will be one of few rally this year as we have the big trip. Friday night is pre rally held at the The Giler Arms in Betws y Coed. The tent was a big kite and a serious battle. We found the tear we put in it last time we tried to dry it in the Garage over the bikes. Oh yes right over the bed room. We will see if the repair patches work good job I remembered to bring them. We spent the evening with our travelling companions Steve and Andrew pictured below and Shaun in the next picture later in the evening he had enough but enjoyed himself with lots of new friends.

Day 2 last night was windy and sleep was broken, so after some early breakfast we had a couple of hours before packing up for the rally. Below pictured is part of the camp site.

Even though this is a winter rally some people still bivouac. They seemed happy enough but I think it would be too cold for Carol. It did Hail and rain most of the night.

One of the great things about this rally is the free soup much-needed after the cold ride.



So this was the last of the Falls, there were many on route, but the earlier falls we had two bikes go down due to miss placed feet, the third was our mate poor old Steve who could not manage his 3 legged stool in a soft muddy field.

The morning saw breakfast, and our regular breakfast on rallies, porridge and a cuppa.

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Anonymous · 11/02/2019 at 5:27 pm

Nice hats! And bugger that for a ride out!

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